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Consortium forSocial Movements and Education
Research and Practice



Consortium members comes from Colleges across Penn State, as well as from the greater community. In addition to our faculty and research partners, the Consortium works with the Adult Education Graduate Student Association (AEGA), the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA), the Undergraduate Black Caucus, and the Undergraduate Social Movement Group.


Professor and Department Head of Political Science
Assistant Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Associate Professor of Lifelong Learning and Adult Education, Comparative and International Education, African Studies
Professor of Education and Demography
Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
Assistant Teaching Professor of Education
Emeritus Distinguished Professor
Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow & Incoming Assistant Professor of Geography, Climate Justice, and Youth Movements (2024)
Assistant Professor of Languages and Literacies
Assistant Professor of Education

Education Policy Studies

Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies
Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education
Teaching Professor of Second Language Education
Associate Professor of Education and Labor and Employment Relations
Assistant Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology and Learning Sciences
Assistant Professor of African American Studies, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Professor of Geography and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Researchers and Practitioners

Consortium Graduate Student Researchers

Ph.D. Student in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
Ph.D. Student in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
Ph.D. Student in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education